Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rsync With Delta Copy.

In my earlier articles I talked about the need to have backups of your valuable information. One very popular method is to synchronize your data to a computer at a remote location. You can subscribe to a remote data replication/backup service like or if like many who already have access to a second computer in your home or business, you can do the same yourself for free. I will show you how to setup such a service “Rsync” using the open source (free) Delta Copy software.


  1. well we didn't want to pay for hosting so we used an ftp server on one site, connected it online with fios and then put backupchain on the server to send the deltas over. it works fine and we save quite a bit on hosting fees because there are none ;-)

  2. Backupchain is a very compelling product. One that i plan to download and test. The price is so attactive too.