Sunday, January 18, 2009

Email Security

Just read on about this sad story of another man who lost $150k to a Nigerian 419 scam. It reminds us that our beloved email is a tool and a big fat opportunity for danger.

Much of last week was spent removing Trojan horse viruses and root kits from a lot of very intelligent and Internet savvy individuals. There is a common thread in how they got tricked. Besides Google Sponsored Malicious WebLinks are Google Alert emails and CCNAlerts etc, with malicious links. They link may take you to a fake website , or other known site and a pop up warns of spyware or virus or to update Quicktime, Flash or other program.

If you find yourself going to a website from a weblink on a webpage or email and you get a popup to download a update from any website, the safe thing is to CTRL+F4 (hold the control key press the F4 key) to close the popup and do the same to close the webpage. If you still want to download a flash or quick time upgrade, then go the or and update your program from the publisher of the application, not from a website that is not the creator of the program.

Good luck and be safe..
and you may enjoy this story from the Cybercrime and Doing Time blog.

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