Sunday, January 11, 2009

Why is data backup so hard

Lets talk about disk to disk backup strategies. Let me share with you the method we use at Corporate Computer, Inc. We use NT backup on a daily schedule to backup to a file our network connected HP AIO 600 ISCSI Storage server We installed a HP Ultrium 920 800gb tape drive on the same storage server.

Every night each file server using NT Backup sends its backup file to the storage server. By the early am, every file server has sent the backup to the hard disk on the storage server. Then in the early am, the storage server sends all the backup files that are stored on the hard disk to the Ultrium tape drive. Our tape drive is large enough to store all the files on a single tape. The tape then gets stored off site as an archive. A system such as ours can cost a company approximately $15,000 but the ease and reliability of keeping sound backups can be your least expensive insurance from disasters.

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